Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Shipping of Hack The Novel EXTENDED -

Hey Limbolanders it looks like it will be a few more days before Hack hits the virtual shelves, so we've extended our offer of FREE SHIPPING!

Here's why pre-ordering is a win-win: 

  • You'll have HACK in your hot little hands two days after release. If you woof it down (it is a very quick read - a real page turner) you can be one of the first to review it. Good for literary types that are looking for exposure. 
  • You'll have a brand-spanking new book delivered to you right before you leave for vacation. Hack is the perfect 4-hour flight read, and is also very complimentary to poolside lounging. 
  • You will have saved about 8 bucks in shipping. Granted that's the same 8 bucks you'll save when Amazon discounts the book a week later. So, see benefits 1 and 2. 
  • You will contribute greatly to the overall success of the novel. Why? Because when I drop a big mess o' orders on the first day the book is available Amazon will smell green and start promoting the book more aggressively.
You can get this done right now at But be sure to read below and answer the question so you can get your free eBook too! more thing: many of my fellow Limbolanders don't know me, but they do know that I am fascinated by internet scams, and particularly the characters or personas doing the scamming. I just think it's great fodder for goofy stories. So I can understand why you might be hesitant to drop a few shekels in my PayPal account, figuring I'll go buy a castle in Spain with all the money I make. Don't worry! I don't want to go to jail. Besides, the amount of money we're talking about wouldn't be enough to buy a Greyhound bus ticket to El Paso!

Why offer free shipping before the book comes out? Well, Limbolanders have put up with a lot of shameless self-promotional bullshit from me from the time I got my publishing contract in Apr. 011. Not to mention YEARS of promoting this gig or that band or this CD or those paintings or whatever else I'm trying to shove down the throats of Limbolovers. So as "some sort of silly little consolation"* for those of you that have expressed an interest in reading about the travails of our hapless landscape painter Hack, the homeless vet Mr. San Anselmo, Karl the bobbleheaded "Herr Doktor" of the WWF, Razor Rick Morgan the new media magnate and his puzzling wife, the biker chick Hadley, as they all make a mess of their lives in downtown San Anselmo, boy have I got a deal for you! (ha!) 
If you want to see a little more street cred, check out some of the chatter .

To get FREE SHIPPING, all you need to do is pre-order your books via PayPal. On the day that it becomes available I'll have it shipped to the address you've indicated. It's a win-win cuz you get the free shipping and I get to drop a buncha orders (hopefully) on  day one which may open a few eyes in the BIZ and grease the skids for the next novel, which is even goofier than Hack!

Please head on over to   and claim your free shipping today!

Thanks all you crazy cats and kittens! I hope to hell that you enjoy Hack's story!

*Be the first to identify the song, artist and album that has this line "as some sort of silly little consolation" + follow Limboland and I'll buy ya an eBook! 

And DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW THIS CRAZY BLOG!! This selling business is an isolated phenomenon. Also, I have discovered a rare conversation between Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein when they hung out in Paris in the 20s and will publish it soon!

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