Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's All About the BIZ in Limboland!

Greetings All! Welcome to "Adventures in Limboland", home of the BIZ and realm of pure madcap whackiness, a virtual Pee Wee's Playhouse for twisted adults.

Our latest adventure is a social silliness shout-out when Sock Monkey Gets Social with a characteristically acerbic rant. Take a break and have a laugh (and if you're in the office turn the volume down for in Limboland there will be F-bombs!). I don't expect Sock Monkey to quiet down any time soon. In fact he told me that he plans to read "Hack, The Novel" and pan the living shit out of it. No surprise. He is one grumpy monkey.  

You'll also want to check in regularly with our favorite internet scammer Yeung Lap Ming and all his sidekicks, Asha Rajaratnam the Poonjabbi Poontang, the kind, gracious and ever generous Pastor Kelvin, the mysterious Major Martha, the US Postal Service and more as they each try to trick the PWT in their tornado-twisted trailers out of their hard-earned welfare checks.
 If that's not enough, very soon we will get our first dose of that batty Brit, Tweed MacFecal! Dr. MacFecal is coming out of retirement to join the ranks of the Limboland Loonies with his completely daft and irrelevant drivel. Oh boy! Or should we say, "bloody smashing!"

Of course there will always be the various and sundry rants and musings of The Limboman, whether it's a day-by-day, blow-by-blow chronicle of The Cleanse, an indictment of Farmville, or just garden-variety self pity.
And Limboland is always open to guest bloggers who are not opposed to ingesting psychotropic chemicals to give their profound and life-threatening insights some sparkle! Just become a follower and add a comment to this post. We'll be in touch!
Speaking of comments, pour 'em on Limbolanders! If there's one place you can let your freak flag fly, it's Limboland.  We love your comments and participation, because when you're a Limbolander it's all about the BIZ! (Oh and...tell a friend).

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