Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yes I know Limboland kinda snuck up on y'all. Or y'all snuck up on Limboland! Here's one way you can quickly, safely and easily enter Limboland, Bwana style:


 Limboland explained in earthly terms (aka in 3 dimensions, with gravity):

Re"branding" my blog from "various and sundry", which sounds like the name of a 19th century dry goods store, to "Adventures in Limboland" is really an aspirational attempt at keeping the right perspective, maintaining the proper attitude and recognizing that when you're talking on the phone to folks in India you might hear a monkey in the background.

NO NO NO Not all nattering nabobs of negativism! Glass of fuck, indeed! (Didja notice the woman in this picture is really a man? Possibly Dennis Quaid? Wait!! Davey Jones isn't dead!). Limboland says NO to the whirling vortex of pain and confusion. Limboland says YES to beautiful rivers with big silvery fish!

Limboland harkens back to a musical collaboration I had with filmmaker and Wisconsinologist Frank Anderson a while back. To say Frank's a fan of kitsch and camp wouldn't do justice to the breadth of his twisted sensibilities.We wrote a couple of songs with "limbo" in them in the eighties, blatantly gentrifying Caribbean rhythms, so "Limboland" is at least partially Frank's fault, and the “Viva Las Vegas” video is all Frank’s invention (aside from the shameless bastardization of the song, which was the doing of Call Me Bwana!)

Stick around kids! When Melanie Mills gets out of the slammer we'll bring her down for an interview!

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