Monday, March 19, 2012

Women's P/S Conference Pt. IV: The Skinny

That's "The Skinny" not "The Skinny Dipper" (nor the "Honey Dripper" for you blues fans) for all my warped pals who would expect me to use the phrase "The Skinny" - as in "the lowdown", "the facts", "the inside track", "the G2" - to riff on skinny dipping. They know how I've been a proponent of spontaneous nudity in the past, and with some memorable skinny dipping going on in "My Week with Marilyn", the timing would be ripe for a little jam on skinny dipping. Well, sorry fellas. I mean "the skinny" - as in "the lowdown", "the facts", "the inside track", "the G2"...etc.

So here it is. I am a participant at this conference because my publisher, HarperDavis, is putting on the conference and the authors are part of the show! I will be sitting on a panel that is described thusly:

Men Say the Darndest Things: A Panel Where We Finally Learn What Men Really Think
A tech expert, a physicist, two film makers, a producer, a singer, a radio show host, and a stand up comic, all men from the ages of 20 to 60, help solve the age old mystery about how men think. Comedian Joe Klocek will lead a panel which includes Jeb Harrison, Gil Mansergh, Justin Oliver, Ransom Stephens, Alex Vargas, Niko Volonakis, and Jody Weiner in answering questions that have been submitted by conference attendees about how they see relationships, fatherhood, women, and more. (Note: to submit a question for this panel, email Jane Hunter at: Put “Question for Men’s Panel” in the subject line. 

 The only trouble is I'm not sure which of those guys I'm supposed to be...

The tech expert? I may work for the largest IT company in the world (no it's not Apple, and it's not HP, and it's not Oracle. Gee I wonder who it could be?) but I'm a marketing guy in corporate communications - very little technology knowledge required, though I suppose I could tell you what cloud computing is. But I can't imagine I would the tech expert. 

Physicist?  No. Film maker? Not that either. A Producer? I guess it depends on what is being produced. If it's bad jokes, or bad gas, yes, that could be me. A Radio Show Host - mmm, not outside of my own wireless range. 

So that leaves a stand up comic and a singer. That's it! I'm the singer that everybody thinks is a joke! Whew. I'm glad we got that one figured out. I coulda been on that panel and had no idea what my expertise was. Now I know. Thanks for helping me through it!

So take note lads and lassies: you can ask your questions in advance. Ever wonder why I wear this ridiculous beanie? Wondering if we'll ever have another Twangfest? Wondering if my first novel gets published, when will the second be coming out? Wondering about my golf game? If I ever plan on being single again? How my kids are doing? If it's hard out here for a pimp? Just send your questions to Jane! Put “Question for Men’s Panel” in the subject line. 

So now that the cat is out of the bag I suppose I can quit blogging about it, eh? Maybe now I can get back to the more important topics. Like Crunchy Roasted Nibs How to Fail at Cleansing. Boy that will be a relief, eh? 


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