Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tal Morris - A Musician's Manifesto

The post below is from Tal Morris, one of the truly great and gifted musicians I have had the privilege of working with over the years. Tal's creds are long and impressive - when you read his manifesto you'll see why. Passion - for your art, for your business, for the environment, for a better world - isn't manufactured. It's not turned on and off. It can't be faked, copied, or learned. But it can be found. So read what Tal has to say. Then, if you haven't already, go find yours. 

Its simple, why am I playing with so and so? I love to play and perform. Why am I playing this style over that style? Because I love to play. That's it? That's it. I've stanked up the place with some of the the funkiest lords and divas out there, I've rocked with gods and bluesed with some true lifers, I fused and mused and jazzed it up with virtuosos who bury me in a flash, I have accompanied some of the worlds FINEST singers and relished the opportunity to support them and give energy and space for their vocal, emotional, and performance priorities. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE TO PLAY. Thats IT. Is that it? YES. I cant CHOOSE, its ALL MUSIC! Either you are true in your spirit and want to find that magic place where you are trying to channel the true source on your instrument and you are supremely connected to the vibe, your fellow musicians and your audience or you are lost in your own selfish ideas or are timid and scared to bring the fever. I've been guilty of both and regret any time spent there. I'll play in a coffee shop or an arena I don't give a fuck, every opportunity to connect to the muse is a gift and should be treated with reverence and mad desire. Life is short and I don't want to spend another minute giving in to the idea that an idea is not valid unless it provides income. Public sculpture is a great example, why do it? Its expensive, you can't charge admission, maybe you can photograph it and sell the images but in the end its there to provide vibe and dimension to your community. Music needs to be like that and I want to be in that world. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE TO PLAY!! Anyone have questions now? I just want to play my freaking guitar everyday, have fun, give the vibe and help bring everyone into that wonderful fountain of juice that is real music. You know it when you hear it, you feel it when its right and when you see it live you are transported to another place. Its awesome and I am humbled by all the greats legendary and local, young, and old who understand it, live it, and one day I hope to be in their company on a daily basis. Ok Im off the soap box, my apologies for the rant. I'm in a mood!!

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